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Dakota Curriculum Explains Online Marketing


Online marketing is any technique that spreads interesting information about an object or event in a way that encourages people to purchase or participate in it. Because being online is being on a worldwide network, you can just imagine the extent to which you can promote things through online marketing. It has not only a far greater scope than live advertisements but also has many more techniques. Just like live adverts, online exposure needs to be fine-tuned to work perfectly for the specifically targeted considerations. Among the online marketing techniques are email campaigns, banner ads, and link-building. One method works better for certain concerns than others.
Knowing who your audience is deserved prior attention with online marketing because that business can be more complicated than anyone can visualize it to be. If you are just starting to market your business online, you may not even get to know your audience until after the first few months of advertising. After you have acquired enough info about potential and transacting customers, you should devote research to find the best means of communicating with them and the best places to find them interacting with each other and with traders like yourself. Wherever those sites may be, it will be good to establish your presence there. Online marketing also involves knowing something about the social ranking, financial status and line of work of the customer. It may also be favorable to know about how they got info about you. These two bits of data allow you fine to tune your presentation to the temperament of your patrons as well as to work on marketing yourself in areas where you are least known.


You may choose to join social networking sites and popular forums to get your products exposure. A significant degree of exposure is available on such sites, but you do not have all the flexibility regarding the volume of ads and unlimited exposure on the site. The way most marketers choose to go with online marketing is to create their website and to register that site with one of the internet communities mentioned above. This second method will involve more time, expertise and money to accomplish but it opens new advertising doors and can yield more and better results.

Without exposure, a website is easily worth nothing to you. To address this matter, many ways of increasing the visibility of websites are possible on the internet by online marketing. Techniques like incoming links from sister sites, link swapping/trading with sister sites and links in large directories and search engine pages can do much towards giving your site a very wide exposure.
An important and easy step for online marketing is collecting a list of contacts who are interested in what you want to ay and sell. This is done by giving visitors the option to receive newsletters and syndicated publications (RSS feeds). Email marketing can also be helpful in this regard, but you need to make the format of your email conform to a certain legal standard to avoid receiving complaints. Specifically, you have to include a function in the email to allow the receiver to stop receiving any further messages from you.

Dakota Curriculum Returns

Sitting around watching the Martian with Matt Damon and it struck me. What ever happened with the dakota curriculum after we closed down our doors over 5 years ago? Well, I did a quick check through godaddy and it looks like its still around.

I can tell you that since that time – so much has happened. I feel like ive lived 10 different lifetimes already, but the one thing that never changed was an almost longing regret for shutting it down in the first place.

Its time to bring it back, and with a vengeance. Everyone once in a while you get a chance to do something monumental with your life and I always knew this was my calling.

So here we are – faced with our original Mission – to educate the the general public, Dakota style, about what the internet is all about. And if there is one thing that I can say with certainty — ALOT has changed with the internet, and although the website hasnt been up, I have been keeping up with it and there is an almost infinite amount of content we can post and educate on.

So, to new re-beginnings – We are excited to be back.

Until we get up an running, heres a nice cat video to keep you entertained:



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